You want to use an agent to promote the sale of your house, right?

Any agent can put your listing on the MLS,

but does every agent market properties the same way?


Once you list with me, I:

  • Take and edit new listing photos that showcase the best features of your property. No blurry, dark, or old photos. These are the first impression of your property on buyers, making them want to see it in person!  

  • Upload your listing to the Multi List Service (MLS)

  • Upload the listing to my website,

  • I run targeted ads on:

    • Facebook

    • Instagram

    • other media sites like


      • Zillow

      • ListHub

      • Loopnet

      • Roofstock

      • WikiRealty

      • Craigslist, etc.

  • Direct mail advertisements  

  • Phone calls to buyers and investors

    • The calls, ads and mailings target active, ready to buy home-buyers and investors! 

I am constantly monitoring my ads to ensure they are being seen. If they are not performing to my high standard, I make changes to the ad to make it more effective.

Sometimes just one word can boost views!


Once you list with them:

  • "The three P's."

    • Post the listing to the MLS

    • Put a sign in the yard, and

    • Pray for a sale.

It can be frustrating to have your property listed and never hear from the agent again.

You might even call, leave a message, and never get a call back.

I give updates, at least once a week, to my sellers with a brief phone call:

  • Showings

    • How many showings this week

    • How many scheduled showings in the coming week

  • How many views has your ad had on

    • the MLS

    • my website

    • and through other advertising, like Facebook ads

  • What advertising is coming up next

  • My plan to boost showings and views in the coming week…

And... I will always return your call.

I want you to know you aren’t in this sale alone!

Call Audra today! (417) 850.7220